Saturday, April 12, 2008

Johnson Chronicles Reading & New Poem

Mark your calendars! I'm happy to finally alert you that we've got a date for the next staged reading of Johnson Chronicles. MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008 @ BOOTLEG THEATER in Los Angeles.  Working with the marvelous actor and good good brother Terrell Tilford (www.TilfordArtGroup.com). TT will anchor the cast. Soon come we will announce the cast and share more details.

meantime, a poem snuck through recently, or was patched through, since what i recently wrote felt deeply connected to a piece i'd been working on for what seemed like years, since i started it while sitting at an arts ed conference at NY's Guggenheim museum. the conference dovetailed with my on-going meditations about criteria...who decides what's valuable, what's to be published, what's part or not part of the canon.....the poem is called "Criteria" and includes the epigram "Do the doables," which i heard Wangari Maatha, the Kenyan ecologist and human rights advocate, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, say to Amy Goodman during an interview. sis was asked with all that faces humanity how do we stare down paralysis, and she said, to close out an interview on Goodman's Democracy Now, "do the doables...." remember how critical it is to do what you can, do what you can where you are, do the right thing at the crossroads, do-the-do as you stand at your threshold moments, challenged by all directions. this poem was also spiced by the sounds of Pharoah Sanders and Charles Lloyd, two masters of the saxophone, whose concerts i heard recently in LA. 


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