Friday, March 10, 2006


Welcome to my riff space. I'll keep yall up on readings and other opportunities for us to discuss our visions. As we celebrate the unveiling of our new look on the web, let me first thank my brilliant son Ketema, who designed our first site and initiated me to the web. He's been after me for years to create a web site. Holler at him: http://www.ketema.net

Then there's Jason Luckett, the master musician and web designer who put his hand and imagination to our new look. You can view his work at the following site: www.jasonluckett.com 

I love collaborating with gifted folk. 

OK, some initial calendar items: 

I'll be interviewed on the NY station WWRL 1600 AM on Friday, 3/10/06, 9-10 pm east coast time. I'll be interviewed on the show "Vantage Point," hosted by Ron Daniels, whose bio can be reached at: http://www.wwrl1600.com/personalities.asp?PID=30 

If you want to call-in, the number is 212-868-0975. If you aren’t in NY, pass on to your NY friends and family.


On Tuesday, March 14, I'll be interviewed on the DC Pacifica station WPFW-FM, 89.3 FM, on the show "Decipher: The Music, The Movement, The Message," which airs weeknights from 11 pm-12 am east coast time. I'll be interviewed by co-hosts Shani Jamila and Dr. Jared Ball. 

Each night Decipher plays the hip hop, poetry, and politics you will not hear on mainstream radio and every Tuesday the theme is "Blackademics," which focuses on critically analyzing the intellectual and cultural work of hip hop generationers. 

WPFW streams live worldwide at www.wpfw.org and all Decipher shows are archived at http://voxunion.com/blackademics .
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